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Corporate Video Production Services

Established since 1996, and located in Brisbane in South East Queensland, VMP offers a wide range of video production experience within diverse industry sectors.

Locally, nationally and globally, we’re innovative leaders in our video production Brisbane field – ready to showcase you as a leader in yours. Whatever your industry, whatever your communication needs, you can rely on VMP.

How Can VMP in Brisbane Help You?


If you want to create a short video advertisement to be used on TV or the internet have a look at our Commercials page or if you are after a longer and more informative promotional video that will be shown in store or on a website, have a look at our Corporate & Promotional page.


For events, presentations, or seminars, we have a team that will record from multiple angles and cut the footage, so see our Events & Multiple Camera page.


If the video you are after has more of an educating vibe, look into our Education & Training page or for something more interactive, check out our eLearning page.


We also do full animation videos in 2D and 3D that can get your message across in a very creative fashion, so have a look at our Animation & Graphics page.

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